China Quick Turn Multilayer PCB Manufacturer
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China multilayer PCB manufacturer

China PCB Manufacturer –Hitechpcb specializing in multi-layer pcb, High density PCB, High Density Interconnect PCBs (HDI PCBs), Heavy copper PCB, Power supply PCB, Selective hard gold plating PCB  and express pcb prototype in China.

China multilayer PCB manufacturer

PCB Manufacturing–Hitech Circuits Co.,limited focus on multi-layer pcb, High density PCB, High Density Interconnect PCBs (HDI PCBs), heavy copper board, Rigid-flex PCB, quick turn pcb prototype in China.

Quick turn pcb fabrication

Rapid PCB & multilayer PCB Manufacturer–Hitechpcb focus on PCB fabrication, Multilayer pcb, Aluminium PCB, Aluminum pcb, metal core pcb, High density PCB, HDI PCB manufacturing, Rigid-flex PCB, Flex-Rigid pcb manufacturing in China.

High Density PCB︱HDI PCB

Multilayer PCB Manufacturer–Hitechpcb specializing quick turn pcb, multi-lay pcb,HDI board,High Density Interconnect PCB, High density printed circuit board (PCB) in China.

High Frequency PCB

High-Frequency PCB, Rogers PCB, Teflon PCB and other High-Tech Printed Circuit Board manufacturing...

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Company Profile
We have been creating quick turn pcb since 1997 and have now perfected the art of producing high-tech and highly responsive technology for you.
Hitech Circuits is in a great position both geographically and technologically to provide you with pcb products that have been triple tested and rolled out in accordance to your needs. Our rigid printed circuit board, metal core pcb, HDI board,  PCB assembly  has been created to support the high demands that today’s technology puts on it. Our pcb manufacturing process is the key with focus and quality control exercised at every important phase of creation to ascertain that care is taken to roll out high-powered single-sided pcb, double-sided pcb, multi-layer printed circuit board and high frequency pcb in China.
As a multilayer PCB manufacturer we also have the capacity to provide your needs starting from 4 layer right up to 26 layer PCB boards....
Our products

8L Multi-layer board

Material: FR4 Layers: 8 Multilayer board with immersion gold Hole size: 0.2mm Trace width space: 0.1mm Final copper: 1.0oz Board: 1.6mm

8L Multilayer printed circuit board

Layers: 8 Multilayer pcb FR4 Tg170 Board thickness: 1.6mm Minimum width/gap: 0.12/0.12mm Minimum drill size: 0.25mm

High Density PCB, HDI PCB

High density PCB︱High Density Interconnect PCB manufacturer︱HDI PCB︱High density board︱micro via PCB︱blind via PCB︱buried vias PCB ︱High density printed circuit board

2L Printed wiring board

Hitechpcb is a printed circuit board manufacturer/ PCB manufacturer in China, we specializing in quick turn PCB prototype, Aluminium PCB,Al MPCB, Iron PCB, High Density PCB / HDI PCB,Multilayer PCB up to 26 layers…

Flex-rigid PCB︱Rigid-Flex PCB

Type: 4 Layers Rigid-Flex PCB (Flex-rigid PCB) Our Categories: • HDI PCB ︱High density PCB︱High Density Interconnect PCB • Metal Base PCB ︱Aluminium PCB︱Aluminum pcb • Impedance Control PCB • Heavy Copper Power PCB • China PCB manufacturer

FR4+Rogers material PCB

High Frequency PCB Technical discription: Layer: 4 Material: FR-4+RO4350B Board thickness: 1.6mm Surface finish: Immersion Gold Cooper thickness: 1 Oz for all layers For telecommunication

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